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Terms and conditions

1. Registration requires an individual to input every accurate details about him or her during registration. This is to avoid losing account information.

2. We have password recovery system.

3. During loan request. Individual is not expected to withdraw or invest loan immediately after receiving from the company, without contacting the customer support. If found doing so your account will be deactivated automatically. And we will not bear consequences for any loss or damages. Also to withdraw Loan, the individual must submit his valid documents. Such as: National ID or Passport and utility bill.

4. Deposits are accepted in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cash payment, PayPal, Dogecoin. Note: cash and PayPal deposit are for our investors in the United States. Other E-currency is acceptable outside United States.

5. When you deposit into your company’s account. You cannot withdraw back. Unless after investment. This means { account funded can’t make withdrawal of the amount funded. Unless it has been invested}


1. Depositing into any of the package is acceptable to all our members. But reinvestment is limited in the basic package. As this is a starter plan. Note : ( if you must maintain investment in basic package. You will have to top up your account with some amount after five times of reinvestment or you can request for withdrawals )
Note: Erlingcapital Ltd will not bear responsibilities for any damaged account due to multiple reinvestment.

2. packages has no reinvestment limit!

3. With many offers. And higher jackpot earning package. This package has no limitation. And attracts good offers. Such as bonuses. High referral commission. This is the company’s VIP plan.

4. this is bonus unlocking package. A premium member does not have to activate his bonuses. It is made withdrawable automatically for the investor.

5. We have Dogecoin investments and also long term investment programs. To get more information about this. Kindly contact the customer support. We are active 24/7 for your Q&A. Thank you!

6. Referral commission offers 5% and there’s no indirect commission. (this means, you cannot earn commission if your downLine refers someone with his or link). And you earn no commission if your referral does not have active investment.

7. An individual cannot have multiple account. This is to prevent cheating, if any individual is found doing so. He/she would be penalized and account would be blocked.

8. We offer shareholder contract. Which enables become a co-owner of this great company. we offer profit rate of 200% + 2% gross profit from the total income and profit generated from our market trade in Real estate, etfs, crypto trade and other means which we generate our profits.
This investment are accumulated and payed to our investors after 180days (6months) total market cap.

Note: And if an account is abandoned for a while. It’s programmed that account becomes dormant and deactivated. If account is not made active in due time. System automatically deletes this account. And we bear no responsibility for any loss!!


1. For withdrawal, you will have the option to withdraw only from the modes which you have deposited, example you have deposited using Bitcoin (Btc), for withdrawal you will be given only Bitcoin as E-Currency. This is purely based on Anti Money Laundering (AML) policy.

2. Withdrawals are not processed by any individual as our system is fully Automated. If you request withdrawal. It takes range of 10 - 30mins to be processed. If you have further delays. It is caused by traffic in wallet provider. And you are free to ask the customer support. NOTE: we do not send hash ID to anyone in this company. Because of security reasons.

our system upgrades are done twice every week. In case you face any challenges accessing your account. Kindly bear with us. As it is of our best interest to provide maximum security to our investors


- We Offer Representative opportunities. This makes you become a licensed agent working for our company in your Country/Region.
Note: we offer monthly payments.
We offer tourisms visas for
We offer full security
We offer loans to top investors.

You must be a pro trader. And must be experienced Professional
You will obtain trading license from this company and partnership certificates. To avoid complications. The company has a licensed being offered. And a debit card. Which comes after your works has been supervised.

For more information contact management:
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